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Must Know Blogging Tools and Platforms in 2022

The blogging industry is one of the growing up industry where you can generate passive income. Yes, bloggers make money from their blogs as passive income. The reason behind those bloggers’ success is they choose the correct blogging tools to utilize. So, this article lets you know about evitable blogging tools that make your blogging easier than before. So, without wasting the time let’s dive into the topic that we going to discuss. All these blogging tools and platforms will play a role in your blogging journey.

blogging tools and platforms
Blogging Tools and Platforms

1. Blogger

Blogger is the google developed blogging management system that is free to use. So, if you are a newbie to the blog, you can choose the blogger initially to learn to blog. Because you don’t need to put your money to host your website on blogger. Though, blogger has fewer features and functionalities than WordPress, starting your blogging journey on the blogger platform is a great idea. Blogger is easy to use and learn. Simply, point your domain to a blogger to host your domain on the blogger platform.

Not only that, blogger-hosted domains are faster than WordPress sites. Because, blogging uses light weight (XML-Structured Data Template Format), that makes website loading speed less. Because website loading speed is one of the factors of SEO.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a great platform to bring your business online with ease. You can buy a domain, hosting, and email for less price in go, daddy. Also, the annual renewal prices are not much than another hosting/domain provider platforms. The robust and 24/7 support is the greatest thing in the go daddy. Also, the majority of customers have reviewed that GoDaddy is the best platform to live your business online. Also, GoDaddy clients never face issues with their products purchased on the go daddy platform. You can get a free domain by buying the web hosting (Usually the Linux shared hosting) for 20 dollars.

3. Grammarly

If have you gotten grammar mistakes, and punctuation mistakes while writing the article, then no problem Grammarly is for you. You can ease your article with the Grammarly tool. It is developed by the popular firm Forbes. Also, this tool uses AI (Artificial Intelligence Tool) to improve the readability and grammar of the article. Grammarly offers a free version with limited features. Using the free version of the Grammarly tool you can only improve the performance by 85% if your article is lengthy. So, the writers, journalists, and article writers having the premium Grammarly tool is a good choice rather than using the free version. The choice is all yours.

4. Pixabay

Publishing copyright images on your content does not make the content value unique. Not only that, you can get copyright issues from the copyright holder. So, resolve that you can download and use copyright-free images from pixabay. Pixabay is a platform where you can download millions of images in different categories for free without adding any credits. Many bloggers have been utilizing this platform for a long time.

5. Canva

Have you struggled with creating the thumbnails for your blog or article? So, don’t worry canva helps you and it has thousands of prebuilt templates to create stunning, beautiful thumbnails. Also, the templates are available for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in different formats and sizes.

6. Ahref

Ahref is the keyword research tool where you can find and explore keywords. AHref provides limited features with a free version. The features are keyword research, backlink analysis, position tracker, domain authority checker, backlink checker, and more SEO analysis tools.

7. Google Webmaster

Add your website to google webmaster and bing webmaster to index on the google & bing search engines. It allows visitors to come to your website. Also, you can see the website traffic growth from the google and bing search engines. The traffic that comes from search engines is called organic traffic.

8. WebP Converter

To reduce your page speed than before, you have to optimize your website properly. High-size images embedded on the webpage are the reason that increases the website speed. If your site is a high page speed that will affect SEO. Also, that could cause drops in the rankings. So, always use the WebP images on your website which is a lightweight image format designed for websites. The WebP converter allows users to convert cover images to WebP format. So, if you have PNG, JPG or JPEG, or GIF, the WebP converter converts those image formats to WebP from images. Also, it is a simple process, the conversion time is very less.

9. FeedBurner

FeedBurner is affiliated with Google, LLC. Also, it is a completely free to use. Feedburner management system. It provides to create and manage feed. FeedBurner lets users monetize the RSS feed content.

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