5 Strategies Help You Connect With Authentic People on Instagram

Do you want to grow your Instagram from scratch to 1000 followers? Stay tuned because today going to share 5 strategies that will help you connect with authentic people on Instagram.

how to get followers on instagram
How to get instagram followers

If to start an Instagram account from scratch these are the exact things would do to gain momentum on the account and connect with real people. So that my followers are authentic and not bots or fake demo accounts.

1. To Have Clear Goals for Your Instagram

Picking a niche works best for people having a strong liking and focus on 1 or 2 things. Let’s say sports or fitness, food or finance, etc. Niched-down accounts can grow faster because the audience knows what to expect from such accounts. Whereas an account like mine, or people like me, who do multiple things in life, has multiple skills and potentials – it is difficult to pick one niche. Hence this strategy works towards goals rather than topics. Having your Instagram goals in place makes sure of what, why, when, for whom, and how.

The second benefit is if you have defined your goals the same can be used to write your Instagram Bio section. For example – my goal is to educate social media managers, help them become social bosses, and document my personal and professional experiences. The more you are clear on why you are present on this platform, the more you give meaning to your presence. You exactly know what type of content is to be produced, who is your target audience, and how can your content help them or inspire them. Hence, the first step to growth is to list down your goals.

2. Building Your Plan & Content Library

Once you know what you’ll be sharing on the platform, don’t just start right away. Take time to think and brainstorm a plan for yourself. Create a content library. Work out your content pillars and content themes. Build graphical content based on your content themes. If you decide to do reels, then shoot some reels and make them ready. Write captions for those content pieces. Make sure to add at least one CTA in the caption or the post itself. Research hashtags that can best define the content pieces. Build around 10 to 15 pieces of content ready to be posted. Decide on your schedule when you will be posting. All of these activities will together form a social media content and execution plan.

Building a plan for Instagram is a must before starting to publish because social media has become chaotic and one can get lost in this pool of content very easily.

Let me know in the comments if you want me to create a separate video for “how to craft a social media plan or an Instagram content plan”.

3. Staying Consistent

This is been the evergreen advice from all the experts and you are tired of listening to this statement. But consistency is the only way to grow. be it Instagram or any other thing in life. You want to become fit exercise daily You want to learn swimming – practice daily Consistency is always rewarding. On social media, it’s essential to be seen by your followers frequently. Visibility plays a huge role.

So to stay in your audience’s mind you have to be always present. Be consistent in posting on Instagram. setting a schedule for yourself will help. follow it religiously and you’ll surely see the magic of growth.

4. Engage and Converse With Your Followers

It is not about posting and ghosting. You need to be out there networking with people. leaving meaningful comments, Participating in polls and question stickers, answering questions, asking questions, learning from others, and sharing your knowledge. Even if you have 10 followers, make sure you talk to them. Respond to their posts and take that extra effort to find more meaningful conversations that can help your account grow.

5. Collaborations

Find like-minded people to do live sessions, create reels together, cross-post stories, etc. An expert starting their journey on Instagram in 2022 doesn’t mean they are a newbie. They just started on Instagram now, but their business might be running for 10 years.

Have conversations with people for who they are not based on how many followers they have. Start reaching out to people in your industry for live sessions or content collaborations. Your audience would love to experience a new perspective or the new ideas shared in your profile. Collaboration is a great strategy for growing fast followers. The reason is, that Instagram alerts and sends notifications when people go live. So it’s not just your followers but also the followers of another person with whom you are going live who are notified. This makes your account explored by new people. Make sure to go live once every week for faster growth.

And that’s a wrap. Use these 5 strategies for going from 0 to 1000 followers on Instagram. Share this with your friends to help them grow their Instagram. Until next time, keep creating good vibes globally.

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