Unavoidable WordPress SEO Plugins to Install on Your WP Plugins in 2022

Looking to get your WordPress SEO off to a good start, but feel overwhelmed by the number of SEO plugins? Then continue reading there is no comprehensive list of the best WordPress SEO plugins these are all subjective matters as a result. The ones that will mention in this article are those with positive encounters throughout the years as well as several that now utilize.

wordpress seo plugins
WordPress SEO Plugins

1. Rankmath

If you haven’t already one rank math is without a doubt the most powerful word press SEO plugin available. It is both feature-rich and user friendly there’s even a setup wizard that walks you through the installation process. It boasts the most aesthetically pleasing user interface of many SEO plugins which distinguishes it. It is from Yoast and the other competitors’ google search console integration redirection rich snippets markup card previews for Facebook and Twitter additionally. It has a 404 error monitor which detects users that land on 404 pages and notifies you of the URLs and number of times. They’ve been visited then you can resolve these difficulties by redirecting or reintroducing the dead page or by eliminating internal links to the 404 rank math. Also displays the referrer allowing you to determine where the link was clicked.

2. All in One SEO Pack

The all-in-one SEO pack has many of the same features as rank math. It’s slightly more customizable and has a few additional features. For instance, you could use it to edit your robots.txt file via a user-friendly interface and edit your htaccess file without FTP blocking bad bots including referral spam. Add site link search box markup auto-generate meta descriptions. Additionally, it supports amp which means that it works natively with the official amp word press plugin.

3. Short Pixel Image Optimizer

Short Pixel compresses and optimizes your website’s images. Because images are typically the slowest items to load on a visitor’s computer image optimization can have a noticeable positive influence on page speed which is a ranking factor. It’s quite simple to use simply install configure. It will automatically optimize and serve any future images you upload. There are lossy glossy and lossless compression choices available. It supports retina 2x images. It supports JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files there is a conversion option to WebP. It appears to be hit or miss at the moment there is a bulk image optimizer for existing images when you do that. It will optimize all images on your site for your choices short pixel provides you with 100 free credits per month which you can optimize 100 images every month. But if you need more you can purchase more credits.

4. Autoptimize

Autoptimize optimizes scripts and styles by minifying compressing and caching them in a nutshell. It aids in the acceleration of your website additionally. It connects with short pixels to optimize and convert images to WebP format which are then cached and supplied via short pixels global CDN. Additionally, there is a built-in lazy loading feature and an option to improve the way google fonts are loaded.

5. Broken Link Checker

The broken link checker scans your website for broken links both internal and external if it detects any it displays the HTTP status code ex. 404 or 410. The link anchor text and the link source make it simple to locate and repair. Because the plugin is always running in the background it can continuously monitor for broken links and notify you through email. If any appear but maybe the most useful feature is the ability to repair links and masks with a few clicks. For instance, this is an example of a broken link that the plugin discovered on a website when clicking and link the post dead link is erased perhaps more importantly.

It suggests replacement links and you can replace a broken link with a working one in a single click all without ever having to dig into the post itself. It also alerts you about 301 redirects and there’s also an option to change those in bulk by replacing the redirect link with the final destination URL. So what is the disadvantage regrettably the plugin can cause your website to slow down and consume excessive bandwidth? It is not something would recommend running if your hosting is cheap or slow.

Therefore the best course of action is to run it periodically and then deactivate it in between simple SSL HTTPS is an SEO ranking factor. So having SSL is critical this year let’s encrypt provides free SSL certificates and a large number of hosting providers support this program however installing an SSL certificate is not sufficient. Additionally, you must permanently redirect your site’s HTTP version to its HTTPS version. Simple SSL simplifies this process simply install and check the appropriate item in the settings. It can also assist in resolving mixed content issues on your side eye e when both secure and unsecure information is loaded over SSL which is a common issue when making the change over once again.


All that is required is that you check a box conclusion WordPress SEO is the same as other types of SEO as a result plugins can only go to you. So far while they simplify some technical and on-page components of SEO. They are not the end-all and be-all of SEO thanks for reading you.

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