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Game Turbo

Game Turbo is the gaming tool application developed by the Xiaomi, Inc for MIUI running phones to enhance the better gaming experience. Welcome to The Only Site to download the latest version of the Game Turbo gaming tool application before the Official Launch. GT(Game Turbo) Is a gaming tool application for MIUI Android devices developed by Xiaomi, Inc.

Latest Version is Game Turbo 5.0​

NameXiaomi Game Turbo 5.0
Size69.12 MB
Package Namecom.miui.securitycenter
Android RequiredMarshmallow (6) 

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FAQ Questions Game Turbo 5.0

What is the Latest Version of the Game Turbo application?

Game Turbo 5.0 is the latest version of the game turbo application, and it's officially rolled out. Also, it supports only on the greater of MIUI 12.5 version.

Should you need to root your devices to install game turbo 5.0?

No matter what kind of device you own, game turbo 4.0 is only available for MIUI android devices (Redmi, POCO, MI, Phones, and Tablets). Also, MIUI users no need to root their device to install the game turbo 5.0 application.

What device does Game Turbo 5.0 support?

All MIUI 13 Android devices support the game turbo 5.0 application. Immediately update your MIUI devices to MIUI to install the game turbo 5.0 application.

Can You Install Game Turbo Application on IOS?

No, IOS users can't install the Game Turbo application on their devices. It is developed for the MIUI/Android devices only. So, the Redmi, MI, and POCO mobile users can only run the app on their devices without facing any issues.

Recent Reviews ★★★★★

"Game Turbo is nice application to improve the gaming experience on the MIUI devices and the gaming experience is better than before.Game Turbo is a top-notch performance tweak that does exactly what it advertises. You can run the most popular games at their highest settings, without even a hint of a performance hit, while keeping your phone smooth and responsive. You can even play games on the bigger display with minimal lag or screen tearing.”

"This app is perfect for Android gamers who love to tune their game experience. Game turbo 5.0 never let down it manages to make my Android device even better than it already is."

"No matter how good the game looks, it still crashes at certain times in my gameplay. And this app does not support “guardian angel” which often causes a ton of problems with the game that affects performance and can be very irritating to play."