6+ Most Useful Productivity Google Chrome Extensions

Listing out 6+ most useful productivity google chrome extensions that makes your work less.

google chrome extensions
Google Chrome Extensions

1. Buster (Block Captcha)

After all, how long will we have to prove that we are not robots? We have to solve the Captcha on every other website. Go to the Chrome web store and download the Buster extension and that’s it. Now wherever you come to solve the captcha, you will get to see the additional button near the refresh and audio icon, click on it and now a robot will solve the ‘I’m not a robot captcha for you.

This article is all about Chrome extensions, so yeah do read till the end maybe you’ll be able to find some nice extensions for you.

2. The Marvelous Suspender

Chrome is greedy for Ram, the more RAM it gets, the more it consumes. So by using this extension you will be able to unload memory from pages. Now like in my browser Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook, all these tabs remain open all the time but obviously, most people don’t use all of these all the time. Also don’t want to close these tabs as well. So, we can freeze these tabs by using Marvelous Suspender and whenever need these tabs again, then we can come to that tab and click anywhere and that will again be loaded in the memory. So, if you also want some extra performance from the Chrome browser then do try this extension.

3. I Don’t Care About Cookies

Yes, this is the name of this extension. So, every website wants cookies, Cookies, and cookies. So obviously you guys also must be frustrated by seeing the ‘Accept cookies’ banner again and again. So, by using this extension you don’t need to see that banner again and this gives the next level of satisfaction while browsing but if you don’t trust our words then use this extension for a week and then uninstall it.

4. Simple Extension Manager

As the name suggests, this is an extension manager. This is too much! We are downloading an extension to manage the rest of the extensions. But this is not any other useless extension, this is pretty great. So, you are reading this article which means you also use chrome extensions but you also know that you don’t use all of the installed extensions regularly. As in our case, we don’t use some of installed Extension regularly but as these are installed, they will consume memory. So, the only two possible solutions, one is to uninstall them or the other is to just disable them by going into the ‘manage extension’ page and then coming again to the ‘manage extension’ page to enable them whenever you need these extensions, which is going to be frustrating.

So, with the help SimpleExtManager, can enable/disable or even uninstall the rest of the extension from any screen.

5. Keepa (For Indians)

So, whenever there is a sale on Amazon, Amazon shows Rs. 40,000 MRP, and then on the banner and then cut that MRP and says the deal price is Rs. 30,000 only. But you also know that this is not true. So to know the past price of any product, you can use the Keepa extension. After installing this extension, you’ll find this graph on every product page which will let you know when this product was cheaper and when its prices rose. So, it’s a really useful extension, you can save some money while shopping on Amazon as you may be able to figure out the trend of prices by looking at the price history graph. Then by using that trend you’ll be able to get that product at a cheaper price.

6. Dark Reader

So, if you want to save your eyes while browsing at night time and install this extension right away. There are still many websites that do not follow the dark theme. So, download and pin the dark reader extension. And Now whenever you want to enable a dark theme on any website just click on the Dark Reader extension’s icon and enable the dark theme and yeah that’s it, that’s all that this extension does. So, yes do try this extension, it’s nice.

So, that’s it for this article but wait let’s see one more extensive before wrapping up and that’s uBlock Origin.

7. uBlock Origin

This is a very famous adblocker extension and it’s also open source. So, if you are using any other adblocker extension already, uninstall it and use uBlock Origin. uBlock Origin will block every type of ad even YouTube ads also. And from there you can see some stats such as how many ads have been blocked and besides that this extension also blocks popups. By pop-ups when you click on something and another page starts loading, uBlock Origin will block those popups. So, do try this extension once.

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